COVID-19 in Victoria, where are we now?

COVID-19 Demographics from the VCPHD

Courtesy: Victoria County Public Health Department

VICTORIA, Texas- The affects of COVID-19 in Victoria County are changing rapidly and city officials are working up to the minute to keep the community informed about the latest numbers.

Tuesday evening the Victoria County Public Health Department released an infographic showing the latest numbers as of 5 p.m.

There are 53 active cases, 33 of which are Victoria County residents. There are 14 cases of suspected community transmission, meaning those infected were not exposed during travel. Thankfully, six people have recovered.

The Post Acute Medical Outbreak accounts for 44.1% of the cases, ten of those patients are not Victoria County residents. Females make up 67.8% percent and males make up 32.2% of active cases.

Individuals 50 and older account for 42.4% of cases, and individuals in their 30s make up 25.4%.

There are no deaths reported in Victoria county caused by COVID-19.

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Infographic and demographic information provided by the Victoria County Public Health Department.