COVID-19 Emergency Room beds are nearly full but patients are still receiving treatment

VICTORIA, Texas–The COVID-19 cases in victoria county has spiked drastically causing the hospitals in Victoria County to respond.

“There’s been several hundred new diagnoses in just the last few days. So both hospitals have responded and I spoken with representatives with both of them and both hospitals are trying to increase their ability to in other words increase the number of beds that are available,” said Dr. John McNeill
DeTar Healthcare System.

Although the emergency room hospital beds are almost full for COVID-19 patients the hospitals are still providing assistance.

“So we try to keep these patients in negative pressure rooms to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. We don’t want our employees, getting sick and we certainly don’t want to transfer it to any other patients as well. So having a number of COVID beds available, I can tell you most of our COVID beds are full,” said Dr. McNeill.

Dr. McNeill says currently he hasn’t seen any free COVID-19 testing sites but throughout the community, there may be a few free walk-up testings. He describes when you should go to the emergency room after testing positive for COVID-19.    

“I tell people when they get short of breath, if they worsen, if they have any changes in mental status or just if something isn’t right then they need to seek help and they need to see be seen in the emergency department at the time,” said Dr. McNeill.

Dr. McNeill says as they increased the number of beds available and qualified staff.