COVID-19 cases on the rise in Victoria County

This is following a two-month drop in cases in February and March

VICTORIA, Texas – For April, Victoria County is averaging about 20 new cases a day, which is double March’s average. This is after Victoria County saw a two-month drop in cases in February and March.

In comparison, Victoria County averaged about 8.9 new cases a day in March.

New reports show that between April 1 and 13, Victoria County saw a jump from 98 active cases to 135 active cases.

Victoria County Health Department Director, David Gonzales, says the rise in cases could be attributed to a variety of reasons.

“you’re gonna see those case counts go up just when you see that transmission happen a lot within household scenarios from both spring break and the Easter holiday as well and then you have some relaxing of the mask mandate same way so it can possibly be attributed to that as well,” said Gonzales.

The second dose mega hubs are still scheduled to happen at the Victoria Community Center and if the demand increases they could set up another first dose mega hub as they have enough vaccinations for everyone who wants it.

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