Covid-19 cases increase in Victoria county vaccinated community

VCPHD says covid-19 cases increase in children

VICTORIA, Texas – Recently covid-19 cases are rising in the crossroads. On Wednesday, Jan. 19, the Victoria County Public Health Department reported there were 260 new cases and 1,000 active cases. In addition data suggests the omicron variant is spreading even among those who are vaccinated and are not visibly experiencing any symptoms.

Victoria County Public Health Department Director David Gonzales says this increase is starting to impact the county’s youth.

“With omicron we’re seeing also in general more mild illness across populations. We’re seeing a little more infections in children though,” he said.

In Victoria county the omicron variant is causing a high breakthrough covid-19 case rate among people who are vaccinated, but those with the virus still have protection over severe illness.

“So, that’s what we really want folks to understand that getting vaccinated, we’re not guaranteeing 100 percent protection from acquiring the virus but we are seeing a high, very high rate of protection from severe illness, and that’s proven in the numbers,” he suggested.

So far numbers reveal that there’s about a 77 percentage of new covid-19 cases among people who are not vaccinated.

“Are there still people getting hospitalized? Absolutely. Are there folks that are vaccinated getting hospitalized? For sure, but they are in such low numbers compare to the population that’s not getting vaccinated,” said Gonzales.

The Victoria County Public Health Department is still having weekly covid-19 vaccine clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. While the CDC is still recommending for everyone to keep practicing social distancing, wearing masks, constantly washing your hands, and sanitizing.