Covid-19 cases in Victoria county and state data

Covid-19 cases


VICTORIA, Texas – The Victoria County Public Health Department reports 11 new covid-19 cases as of Friday, Feb. 18. According to the county’s numbers, there are about 140 active covid cases. So far, 15,865 people have recovered from the virus. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been over 16,352 covid-19 cases. In addition the state reports 392 people in Victoria county have died from this disease. Furthermore the health department says since June 24, 74.91 percent of the new covid-19 cases in the county are among the unvaccinated.

Texas State Health Leaders say there are 6,406 new confirmed covid-19 cases on Saturday, Feb. 19. The state’s data indicates there are about 2,637 new probable cases and a total of 5, 405,930 confirmed cases across Texas.