County trapper to receive new feral hog traps and bait

Victoria County Commissioners ratified an Inter-local grant agreement with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Office to provide additional feral hog traps to the county trapper.

We previously reported the county had funded the county trapper program through the end of 2019.

Now, with the $4,320 grant, the county will purchase 8 additional feral hog traps and bait to aid the county trapper.

County Judge Ben Zeller says the goal is to help reduce to quickly growing feral hog population.

“Having eight additional traps will, hopefully, put a small dent in the population. It is a hard animal population to control, but, we saw an opportunity for this grant and got it.”

The County Trapper Program is available for both city and county residents.

Anyone in need of Trapper services should call 361 575-45-81 to speak to trapper services.