County Sheriffs apprehend five, including three immigrants, after bailout

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office apprehended five people on US Highway 77 South Monday afternoon, after they attempted to bailout of their vehicle.

Authorities say they detained three undocumented immigrants from El Salvador and two people from Hebbronville, who are suspected of human trafficking.

One of the suspects had a prior conviction and was on federal probation for the same offense.

All five were turned over to federal authorities.

The immigrants were malnourished and dehydrated due to the suspect’s smuggling efforts, something Chief Deputy Roy Boyd says is far from the worse thing these immigrants face.

“The sad thing is, once they get here, they’re not free. They’re slaves. They’re here to be turned over to their masters in the United States, who they will work for, for a long time to try to pay off their indebtedness. And, they’re not free to take advantage of the prosperity and the opportunity of America that the rest of us enjoy. It’s an extremely sad situation.”

Chief Deputy Boyd says stories like this highlight the importance of addressing the country’s border issues.