County Officials Work To Solve Addressing Issue In Bloomington

If you put an address in your GPS in an effort to find a residence in the Bloomington area, you may be out of luck. Authorities say the addresses that are assigned to many homes in the area don’t match the addresses in the mapping system online.

The city of Bloomington is an unincorporated community, meaning residences are located by 911 addresses and not by block numbers.
Authorities say the mix up in addressing makes it difficult for first responders and other agencies to locate a home in case of an emergency.
The county is working diligently to do what they can to solve this issue.

“The Victoria County Sheriff’s office, the Office of Emergency Management, and the Commissioner are working together to try to come up with a better system, so that streets are properly labeled, and so first responders and delivery personnel can locate residents much easier and much quicker,” says Chief Deputy Roy Boyd.

In order to avoid this problem for now, authorities say residents must retrieve their official 911 address from their volunteer fire department and place them visibly on their homes.