County leaders agree shelter in place is not necessary at the moment

VICTORIA,Texas–There are three confirmed cases in Victoria county.  Victoria County Judge, Ben Zeller, along with local leaders announced Tuesday that a shelter in place is not necessary at this time.

“We don’t feel it necessary this time to place any shelter in place orders. However, the moment that that changes we are always prepared to act and act quickly if and when it becomes necessary,”said Victoria County Mayor Rawley McCoy.

Local leaders want to keep Victoria functioning as long as possible.

Victoria county leaders recommend that you keep following good hygiene practices; such as washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces and avoiding close contact with others.

“A trigger point going forward that would push us towards a stay at home order would be moderate to widespread community transmission,” said Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller.

County officials say it’s hard to put a number on how many cases it will take to put a shelter in place. This is because the details of each confirmed case varies. It’s dependent on the individual’s social habits, where they work, and who they are around.

“These aren’t decisions that are easy or decisions that we take lightly; they are very difficult decisions and painful frankly but every point  along the way we’re doing what we think is best and that’s what we will continue to do,” continued Zeller.

Local leaders are concerned with each decision they make due to the impact on people’s livelihood.

Area leaders will take additional steps if more cases are confirmed.

We will continue taking the Victoria Emergency Management daily 3 p.m. press briefing live on Channel 25 on ABC.