Cotton is a major economic driver in Texas

By Gene Hall

It snows in Texas in the summer when cotton bolls sprout each year from South Texas all the way to the South Plains.

Suited for arid climates, cotton is pure, white and beautiful fluff. But its economic and social impact is rock solid.

Long an economic staple of the Lone Star State, cotton is a major driver to the tune of $2.2 billion dollars annually for Texas, the top cotton state.

Where does it all go?

To our clothes. Cool, crisp and stylish. That new pair of jeans, flowing dress and comfortable T-shirt are all made with cotton.

Cotton is also used for home furnishings. It’s the dominant fiber in towels and washcloths and is popular in bed sheets and pillowcases. It’s also used in plastics, paper products and cosmetics.

The seed, shell and oil serve as feed for livestock and oil for cooking.

Cotton is durable and drought-tolerant. It’s made for Texas. A relationship grown to last.