Coronavirus prevention tips from local officials

VICTORIA, Texas-The deadly outbreak of COVID-19 is killing people all across the world. Local leaders are monitoring the situation and teaching the community how to stay safe.

“So the City of Victoria is working collaboratively with the Victoria County Health Department. They are the leading agency in this collaborative effort to proactively address community concerns about COVID-19,” said Ashley Strevel, the City of Victoria Communications Director.

COVID-19 is one strain of the Coronavirus. It started in China in December 2019. Now it’s spread globally and into the United States.

“The best way the community can be prepared is just common hygiene, disease prevention practices that you would use for any other illness such as the flu. You know wash your hands, if your sick stay at home, avoid close contact with anyone else who is sick. You want to keep your hands away from your face,” said David Gonzales, the Director of the Victoria County Health Department.

In Victoria County, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19. In the U.S, the CDC says there are 647 cases. Eighty-three are travel-related and 36 were spread from person to person contact. The CDC is warning the community to be aware of fevers, coughs, and shortness of breath,

“I would just encourage the community to reach out to the Victoria Public Health Department if you have signs, symptoms or if you’re concerned in general. They are the leading agency in the community to be able to provide that information to them about COVID-19. Any updates will also be actively updated to their website and ours which is,” said Strevel.

The Victoria County Health Department says if they do get a confirmed case of COVID-19, they will immediately warn the community.