Coronavirus: misconceptions and misinformation

There is quite a bit of misinformation regarding the coronavirus

VICTORIA, Texas- One of those misconceptions is the type of Coronavirus strain someone may have. Brittany Burgess, epidemiologist with the Victoria County Health Department, says if you think our are being impacted by the Coronavirus, do not be afraid to ask questions.

“There are other common Coronaviruses, and if you get diagnosed with those they are like the common cold….they are seeing it on a lab test, and they think they have the Coronavirus COVID- 19. So there has been a lot of those rumors going around. And again, make sure you are talking to your doctor about this and ask him, because this test is not readily available in Victoria County. So if you are being diagnosed here talk to your doctor about the strain of Coronavirus that you possibly have,” said Burgess.

Until a cure is found, she says that being educated on the Coronavirus and its behavior will help reduce your chances of being impacted by it.