Cooler temps won’t last long, more rain chances this week.

VICTORIA, Texas- This evening slight rain chances will eventually end, some cloud breaks also possible. Fog expected to develop overnight. Lows headed for the upper 40s. On Monday, partly cloudy skies with highs headed for the 80s as a warm front moves in from the coast.

TONIGHT: Rain chances ending, some clouds breaking up. Fog developing overnight. Low 48. Winds Light and Variable.

TOMORROW: Partly cloudy and mild. high 80. Winds SW 5-10 mph

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 30% chance for showers and storms. Low 62. High 81. Winds South 10-15 mph

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 40% chance for showers. Low 66. High 80. Winds NW 10-15 mph

THURSDAY: Sunny and mild. Low 50. High 74. Winds North 10 mph

FRIDAY and SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and mild. Low 48. High 73. Winds NE 5-10 mph

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, breezy, and mild. Low 54. High 76. Winds SE 15-20 mph