Cool and breezy overnight but sunny and nice tomorrow

Wednesday Weather 3-17-21


VICTORIA, Texas- Tonight:  Clear skies and breezy winds while temperatures cool below average.  Low: 48. Winds: N 5-15/G20 mph. 10% chance of rain.

Thursday: Sunny skies as winds stay breezy while temperatures warm to around average.  High: 73 degrees. Winds: NW 5-15/G20 mph. An 10% chance of showers.

Thursday Night: Mostly clear skies with light winds and temperatures below average.  Low: 48. Winds: NW 5-10 mph. A 10% chance for rain showers.

Friday: Sunny skies as winds stay breezy while temperatures warm to slightly below average.  High: 70 degrees. Winds: NW 15 mph. A 10% chance of showers.
Extended Forecast: Friday through Tuesday:  After seeing temperatures return to the 80’s through Wednesday, the mercury will stay in the low to upper 70’s with lows in the 40’s and 50’s through the weekend.  Sunshine will be abundant with rain chances only around 10-20 percent.  Winds will be between 10-20 mph.  Clouds and rain chances (20-40 percent) begin to increase to start off the work week while winds blow in the 15-20 mph range.

Synopsis: The latest cold front moves off to the east while high pressure moves into the area through Saturday keeping skies clear allowing for nice sunshine and average temperatures in the 70’s.  The high moves off to the east Saturday night which allow a return of warm, moist air out of the south.  This will start to warm temperatures closer to and eventually back into the 80’s after the weekend.  This increase of heat and moisture will meet up with some storms pushing in from the west next week and this could lead to showers and thunderstorms in the Tuesday to Wednesday timeframe.