Convoy of Hope spreads hope in Port Lavaca

1500 to 2000 residents were served Today by the Convoy of Hope. A group that came together Saturday to put on a neighborhood event. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson explains how this is another step closer to recovery after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Mark Cox with Convoy of Hope tells me this event came together after Hurricane Harvey hit a year ago.
“We wanted to come back into the communities affected by the hurricane and just offer a small event like this to allow people to flip the switch from disaster to hope,” declares Mark Cox, Convoy of Hope. “We also want residents to find hope again and get beyond the storm and live.”

Shoes for their children… Haircuts… And most importantly groceries… All the little things that many people were unable to provide for themselves after the devastation. Pastor Kenyon Hamilton wants residents to know that they are not alone during this recovery period even if it feels like it.
“I talk with people all the time and they feel like well everyone has left us now we are on our own and we just want to say we are still here,” Explains Pastor Kenyon Hamilton, New Beginnings Church. “We haven’t went anywhere, every week we are going to be here. Our whole goal is to reach out into our community and make Port Lavaca one of the best places to live in.” Resident Gregory Drinkard says this is an excellent step for Port Lavaca helping people who really need it. “I just feel blessed that there is people here to help out with the children. Its also great to have them help with the groceries,” says Gregory Drinkard. “They are giving out sodas, food, haircuts, and shoes. Its just awesome its family based and i just love it.” The organizers want those still struggling to remember and important message.
“There are people that love them and everyone person is important and significant. There is a god who loves them and there are people in this community that would love to help them and support them and serve them,” exclaims Cox. Cox believes that this one more step closer to recovery.
“We believe that better days and great days are ahead for the Port Lavaca area,” Cox says excitedly.