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3808 N Navarro St 
Victoria, TX 77901 
Phone: (361) 575-2500 
Fax: (361) 572-0050 
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Jeff Pryor - General Manager

Michael Wall - Business Manager

Regina Cantu - Promotions Manager & Digital Media Specialist

Kevin John - Chief Engineer

Mia Talley - KAVU-TV, KXTS-CBS, KVTX-Telemundo, KUNU-Univision Local Sales Manager

Carol Fox - KVCT-FOX, KMOL-NBC Local Sales Manager

Amie Hudspeth - News Director

John Garcia - Technical / IT Manager

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Closed Captioning Contact Information


For Closed Captioning concerns, please contact:

Kevin John, Chief Engineer

Phone: (361) 575-2500 ext. 234

Fax: (361) 572-0050


We will make every effort to respond or otherwise address your inquiry within 24 hours.


Written Closed Captioning questions, comments or complaints should be directed to:

Jeff Pryor

President/General Manager


3808 N. Navarro

Victoria, TX 77901

Phone: (361) 575-2500

Fax: (361) 572-0050



We will make every effort to respond to communications received via phone, fax or e-mail within 24 hours. As directed by the FCC, all written inquiries will be responded to within 30 days.

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