Congressman Michael Cloud votes against special honor for U.S. Capitol Police

Congressman Cloud explains why he voted that way

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congressman Michael Cloud, one of three Texas U.S. Congressmen to vote against a House bill Tuesday to award four Congressional Gold Medals to the U.S. Capitol Police and those who protected the building on January 6.

The bill, introduced by Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi, passed with strong bipartisan support. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert took to Twitter after the vote to say he had introduced his own version of the bill.
He attached screenshots of the new legislation, which, like Pelosi’s bill, seeks to award four Congressional Gold Medals.

This is what Congressman Cloud told us about his vote:

“I have always stood by and supported our brave law enforcement and still do but this bill was not truly about that despite its name. Instead of simply being about honoring the Capitol Police who bravely protected the Capitol on January 6th, Speaker Pelosi included damaging language that unnecessarily weighs down the bill. The text refers to the Capitol as the temple of democracy – simply put, it’s not a temple and Congress should not refer to it as one. The federal government is not a god. The bill also refers to “a mob of insurrectionists” going into the Capitol. There are over 450 charges in relation to January 6th and there is not a single charge of insurrection to date. Additionally, Speaker Pelosi furthered politicized this vote by including an officer who tragically lost his life in an event not related to January 6th, in a bill that was entirely about January 6th. I cosponsored Rep. Gohmert’s bill before the vote took place, because it solves the issue I have with the language of the bill.”