Congressman Michael Cloud speaks at Victoria Partnership meeting

District 27 Rep. Michael Cloud came to the Victoria Partnership meeting to speak with the community. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the meeting and summarized what was discussed. Congressman Cloud addressed members at the meeting and recalled his first three weeks serving our district. “We were sworn in July 10th and our first priority was to get our district offices open and get back to serving people,” he said. Cloud told the meeting attendees that the caseload Blake Farenthold worked on does not automatically roll over to the new staff. However, for the issues that require immediate attention, Cloud plans to begin working diligently. He addressed growing concerns about work that was on hold prior to the 27th District Special Election when he said, “Constituent service is really where the rubber meets the road — helping people with FEMA cases, Medicare, Medicaid, helping people get passports. All of these different things, veterans services — all of these things that Congress can do to help people get the services from the Federal Government.” Cloud focused on these issues as primary concerns for the community and meeting attendees. While in D.C, Cloud is assigned to two different committees: The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which keeps an eye on the government and aims to keep it accountable for changes and efficiency, and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, where Cloud will be researching innovations in the Energy Sector. Cloud spoke to the crowd about their concerns and one community member asked him about border security. Cloud voted in favor of the resolution supporting ICE, so his response was reflective of that vote. “We are making progress on the border. There is still a whole lot to be done. One of the things I have talked about from the very beginning is that we do need to secure our border, and we do need to continue to work to make our immigration system work properly,” he answered. With regard to the upcoming mid-term elections in November, Cloud says he is working hard to represent and serve his district in Washington, and hopes that the voters will agree.