Congressman Farenthold discusses legislative session

A familiar face made an appearance this morning in the crossroads, and the topic of discussion was politics.

Congressman Blake Farenthold, with the 27th district of Texas, visited with the crowd at this mornings Victoria Economic Developments Partnership meeting, about many issues both locally and nationwide, that have and will have an impact on us here in the crossroads. Items such as transportation, education, and ways to develop the region economically were popular topics of discussion. Farenthold said that the main topic of today’s meeting was however about what he experiences when he is working inside the nations capitol.

“It was generally a Washington update. we talked about the struggle getting the big three through congress. That’s health care, tax reform, and border security. there’s a lot of political pressure on these between the parties….but some of the smaller stuff is actually getting through,” Congressman Blake Farenthold said.

One of these is the veterans choice act, that says that if a veteran has to wait over 30 days to be seen by a doctor at a veterans clinic, they then have the option to see a doctor inside the private sector. Local issues Farenthold discussed was I-69, and possible improvements to both the Port of Victoria, and the Port of Port Lavaca, which would help economic development.