Congressman Cloud tours second busiest checkpoint on the border

Congressman Cloud spoke with Border Patrol Agents at the second busiest checkpoint on the Texas border on the first day of his border tour.

Joining him are Congressmen, Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin and Jody Hice of Georgia who both join Congressman Cloud on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Cloud’s purpose to visit is simply to allow representatives to see and hear from those facing the reality of border security issues.

Congressman Cloud began his tour at a major checkpoint on the border called Falfurrias.

The newly updated Falfurrias checkpoint is one of the two busiest checkpoints in Texas seeing up to 18,000 passenger and commercial vehicles on a busy weekend.

This volume of traffic called for an upgrade to use modern technology to scan and inspect travelers. The renovated facility opened on May 1, 2019.

Newscenter 25 viewed all the methods used to catch smugglers, contraband and narcotics that may be passing through.

Highly trained K9’s and newly added x-ray scanners have also been implemented at Falfurrias to aid the Border Patrol Agents in their searches.

Congressman Cloud tours second busiest checkpoint on the border Congressman Cloud tours second busiest checkpoint on the border

Cloud was briefed by agents who say having modern technology is crucial to combat the well organized and heavily funded cartels who they claim are responsible for illegal activity.

Congressman Cloud, representing the Crossroads, acknowledges that although Victoria may not be a border town, we still see the affects traveling through our major highways and roads.

The Falfurrias checkpoint is only one of the many checkpoints on the Texas border. However, Cloud adds that although those checkpoints are here in Texas this isn’t just a state issue, but an issue that can and will affect the nation.

The tour continues Thursday night in Laredo, where Newscenter 25 reporter, Griselda Perez, and photographer, Alan Espejel, will be visiting a port of entry along with private landowners.