Congressman Cloud is making hurricane and disaster recovery top priority

Congressman Michael Cloud was in attendance for the 2019 Mid-Coast Hurricane and Disaster Conference which took place Thursday afternoon.

Cloud shared his desire to improve the community’s ability to get assistance as well as his goal to reform the process of receiving assistance at a federal level.

He added hurricane and disaster recovery is one of his office’s biggest priorities, so much that he has an entire team dedicated to it.

“Hurricane recovery for us is a daily activity. So, across the district there’s a number of projects we have full time staff dedicated just to that. Along with the rest of our staff constantly working on both what we can do to reform the process in Washington and also help individuals and community organizations through the process,” said Congressman Cloud, (R) Texas.

Cloud invites people with any issues or concerns to reach out to his office at 111 North Glass Street.

Newscenter 25’s very own Chief Meteorologist, Bill Alexander, also spoke at the conference Thursday afternoon.

His talk, “Hurricane Harvey: A Response by Small Market Meteorologists,” focuses on the unique threat and operational challenge category 4 hurricane Harvey posed to the small market media of Victoria Texas.