Congressman Cloud cosponsors the Pay our Coast Guard Parity Act

Congressman Michael Cloud (R-TX) has cosponsored the Pay Our Coast Guard Parity Act, which would provide funding to the U.S. Coast Guard, the only branch of the military which had not been funded prior to the partial government shutdown.

The Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security rather than the Department of Defense, which had been funded prior to the shutdown.

This legislation would provide funding to the Coast Guard during the shutdown, ensuring that the men and women serving in (or retired from) the Coast Guard continue to receive their income and benefits. The bill would also provide back pay for work already done and cover civilian employees who have been furloughed.

On Monday, Congressman Cloud visited Coast Guard Station Port O’Connor to hear from service members and to bring attention to the challenges they are facing. Community members had collected donations for the Coast Guard members and requested that Rep. Cloud present the donations. Afterward, Rep. Cloud toured the station and discussed the situation with the members.

One service member had received orders to transfer to another station and would have to cover travel expenses out of pocket. Another had been injured and was dealing with medical bills on top of not receiving a paycheck.

“Our Coast Guard service members put themselves at risk to protect our nation, and I will be working to get this bill passed to make sure they receive the pay they deserve,” said Congressman Cloud.

Last year, Congressman Cloud voted in support of a bill which would have funded the government and provided funds to strengthen border security, but the bill did not receive the 60 votes necessary to pass the Senate. Last week, Rep. Cloud voted in favor of a motion which would have paid all federal workers who have been working without pay through January 15, but the motion was voted down in the House.