Concerns spark social media conversation in Victoria amid long lunch lines

Students often have a few minutes to eat before their lunch period is over

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria East High School classes started one week ago on August 18. A Victoria I.S.D parent, Destiny Beckner, spoke with her daughter after school one day and found out she only had time to grab a quick snack before her lunch period was over.

Beckner posted in a Facebook group asking other parents if their child was having the same lunch issues. Several Victoria I.S.D parents replied with their concerns about the amount of time their children have at lunch, the overcrowding and how it’s not just one school having lunch issues.

The long lunch lines aren’t the only issue, she says some students are having to sit on the floor to eat or eat while standing up because there’s no room in the cafeteria.

Beckner is hoping to find a solution as she wants every student to have the chance to eat at school

“That’s just the biggest thing, if you know about it, let’s see what we can do, let’s get these kids some meals, let’s get them a full belly, let’s get them some nutrition, let them make it through their day, without having to worry about when am I gonna eat again, my stomach’s growling, that’s the biggest concern, there’s gotta be a solution,” says Beckner.

The Victoria I.S.D released a statement.

” Child nutrition is hugely short-staffed. They currently have over 30 openings in cafeterias across the district. This impacts campuses like East HS, which have five hot lunch lines available, but only three open due to the number of child nutrition staff at that campus. Just like we’ve seen with bus drivers and teachers, filling these positions is a statewide, nationwide issue.

A few additional factors contribute to the lunch lines and some delays in the lunch lines:

During the first few weeks of the school year, we see students lose or forget their lunch tickets with their name, unique PIN, and barcode. When students do not have this card, child nutrition staff have to search for the student’s name on the computer. These student PINs are required per TDA regulations. When it is one or two students each lunch period searching student information is not time-consuming; however, when it is a large number of students, this does hold up the line.

Secondary campuses often see students opt to go to the snack line first rather than one of the three hot lunch lines. Once they go thru the snack line and get into a hot lunch line, the hot lunch lines have lengthened substantially, resulting in a longer wait time,”

Parents are asked to email their concerns by visiting the campus website and submitting an email through the contact us tab