Concerns Rise Over Dead Fish Washing Ashore In Cuero Pond

Dozens of dead fish can be seen scattered around the pond at Cuero Municipal Park causing many residents to wonder if something is lurking in the water.

However, the Cuero Parks Department says they are aware of the problem and it shouldn’t alarm anyone fishing near by.

Some fisherman say they had no clue what happened.

“It was kind of crazy seeing the floating fish. That ain’t never happened,” says James Gonzales.
“It is a little weird, but I’m sure there’s an explanation somewhere for it,” Fisherman Charles Sprowl says.

In a statement the Cuero Parks Department says “We had our fish stocked Thursday with 400 2-3 pound catfish and 2,000 one pound catfish from a fish farm. Sometimes when fish are brought in, the water they come in is colder than the water in the Cuero Municipal Park lake. When that happens some fish aren’t able to get enough oxygen and sometimes they wind up floating. We had our Lake stocked for our upcoming Staycation fish day with the Cuero Parks Department next week.”

As for this Gonzales, he says a few dead fish isn’t going to keep him from doing what he loves.

“I don’t think it’s going to harm anybody or anything.”