Concerns Raised Ahead of Mosquito Season

“I think that’s every parent’s worse nightmare that our children could get sick with something.” Said Kelley Toney

With all the recent news coverage concerning Zika area residents are concerned about the upcoming mosquito season. So we spoke with a local business Mosquito Squad of Victoria to see if they had an increase in calls about Zika, and it turns out they have.

“They have general questions about what it is and where it comes from how fast it’s spreading.” Said Charlie Boswell

While we do have the breed of mosquito that carries Zika present there are no known cases of mosquitoes here actually carrying the virus. But it is possible for a mosquito to bite someone with the virus and pass it on but mosquitoes can carry other diseases.

” The same mosquito that carries the Zika Virus is the same mosquito that carries Dengue and Chikungunya.” Said Boswell

So with the growing concern of mosquitoes we checked with several city and county officials about how they are preparing for mosquito season.

“If we have an area that has a lot of mosquito problems if there people think there is a large volume we can go out and spray.” Said Epidemiologist Kyle McCauley

While the City and County spray for mosquitoes during the season they are only allowed to spray on public streets, they are not allowed to go onto a private property that’s where Mosquito Squad of Victoria can come in.

“We get in the back yards we get behind the fence we get back in the bushes up in the trees where people work and play.” Said Boswell

And Mosquito Squad customer Kelley Toney says before she called mosquito squad just being outside on here property was a problem.

“It was affecting our life because we couldn’t’t go outside and swing and have a good time.” Said Toney