Concerned parent over national online trend, ‘Momo Challenge’

The most recent online challenge has turned into a major concern for parents.
The “momo challenge,” gaining much popularity has made its way to a local Victoria high school.
Scrolling through social media, an image of ” the momo challenge” is far to common, a Japanese sculpture, with oversized eyes, long black hair, and a chilling smile, now affecting student’s in VISD.

“They so need to take better precautions for that- being able to be accessed so easily, they need to block that.” says Tanya Mason, mother of a Victoria West High School student. Mason was called to pick up her daughter after the “momo challenge” was seen on her campus computer,
according to her, the website, YouTube, shouldn’t be accessible to begin with.

“She has autism she got in trouble for looking at “momo” and it upset her, just sort of a trickle effect, she was scratching her hand up, like hurting herself.” adds Mason.

The challenge which glamorizes suicide, and self harm is also popping up on other platforms.
As a parent, Tanya has controls on her web searches at home, but her child of special needs was still able to view this while in class.

“I don’t want my child to feel like she has to be cool and so these challenges, I saw the pictures and it’s very disturbing.” says Mason.

We did reach out to VISD in hopes of understanding what websites are accessible to students or if these trending websites yield to more precaution, however, we did not receive a response at this time.