Comptroller Glenn Hegar speaks in the Crossroads

Comptroller Glenn Hegar spoke at the Port Lavaca Rotary Luncheon today about the Texas economy.

The State Legislature is in session right now and they must create a new two year state budget.

Hegar is currently estimating how much money will go into the state treasury.

He says even with the recent loss of jobs in the oil and manufacturing industry, Texas has gained more than 200,000 jobs in the last year.

Hegar gave a speech at the luncheon about the state’s economy and answered the community’s questions.

“It’s imporant for me to get out, and talk to the people of Texas see what is going on in different communities in the state. You don’t get that same perspecticve sitting behind a desk and looking at economic data. Its so critical to get out and see what is going on.

Hegar admires the diversity in Texas economy.