Complete 360 expanding despite pandemic

VICTORIA, Texas — While small businesses across the county continue to reel out of a pandemic recession, local health and supplement store Complete 360 is rapidly expanding — buoyed by their rising in-house wholesale brand and an emphasis on e-commerce.

“Whether you shop online or in-store, they all communicate at the same time — customer database, shopping trends, things like that,” said Complete owner Brandon Webb of the store’s omni system, implemented just before the pandemic. “During that, we saw an increase of almost 1000% of online orders.”

The company’s successful business integration — and the surging popularity of their wholesale brands — have allowed Webb to add a warehouse location to house new offices and handle the increased shipping volume that has come with the store’s growth.

“In the last eight months we have went from only being available in one store — in our store, Complete 360 — to now, yesterday, we just signed our 22nd state, and I think we’re in 65 locations,” said Webb, speaking about his brands.

Those brands also utilize a one-to-one business model, matching each item sold with a donation to the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent.

“So the more it grows, the more we get to give back. And that’s the number one thing,” said Webb.