Community Pitches In to Help Build Home For Man In Need

Volunteers and hard hats spent the morning pounding the pavement all to help one Port Lavaca man build a new home.

“It’s a great help that they’re moving me out of the terrible home I’m living in that’s falling down around me,” says homeowner Robert Blakeney.

“He’s very excited about his new home. He’s willing to help. He’s here basically every Saturday,” says the on site construction manager.

The Port Lavaca Habitat for Humanity is building their 9th home in the community with help and donations from Home Depot.

“Its so exciting for us to be able to come together as a community, and build a house for someone,” says Habitat For Humanity Director Ann Gulsby.

Robert Blakeney is so appreciative that people would volunteer their time to help him. As a blind man with more than 10 years employed at the Lighthouse For The Blind, he isn’t afraid of hard work.

“Its so exciting I come here as often as I can,” says Blakeney.

Robert has always wanted to be able to live in a comfortable place he could call home. Today those dreams are coming true.

“I don’t know how you would say it, but it’s just joy knowing I’m moving forward,” he says.