Community Honors First Responders

For Victoria resident Tim Hunter, 25 years of being Training Captain of the Victoria Fire Department is always quite rewarding “We do the job because we love to do the job. We love to help people,” says Hunter.
“We’re really honored that the church recognizes us and that the community shares in that,” says Hunter. Sunday morning, our savior Lutheran church hosted an event to honor first responders in the crossroads. Church members were also dropping by law enforcement and fire stations to hand out dinners. Pastor Ryan Kowlessar says in light of the recent animosity shown toward police officers around the nation, it’s important that the community shows officials that their work does not go unnoticed.
“What we wanted to do was to show our appreciation as a local community, as a working community. That we notice what they do,” says Kowlessar. Hunter says he’s honored to be apart of a community who shows their appreciation for first responders. “We don’t get a lot of thanks for what we do, we see people sometimes in the worst days of their life. So its nice sometimes when we get to see some appreciation for what we do for the community.”