Community Helps Remodel Veteran Home

“I think we’re finishing up my house. It’s very exciting.”

Quentin Schul is a proud military veteran, whose goal of renovating his home for his family seemed unattainable.

“It was supposed to be a 6 month project, but the more that we started tearing out, the more that we found wrong. It’s been ongoing for like 3 years,” says Schul.

But for this former army soldier, hope has arrived.

A Few pieces of wood, and some nails, along with dozens of huge hearts, have began to transform his house into a home. Courtesy of the community and platinum homes.

“Its a continuation of service, a continuation of giving back to your community. So, it feels good to help somebody else. You’re not expecting anything. You just do it because it’s the right thing to do,” says Crossroads Area Veteran Center Peer Coordinator Mike Allen.

“Twenty of my employees ended up showing up and it was a great day in the field. I just want to give back support to our veteran community,” says Bulmaro Martinez, Owner of Platinum Homes.

This home will help Schul’s family in more ways than one.

“Hopefully it’ll be one step closer to being able to move in with my family and establishing our home life,” he says.

The man who did a great service for the country is now surrounded by good people hoping to pay a little back.

“A lot of people donated money and materials and it’s so awesome to know that this many people care,” says Schul.

The project is expected to be complete by within the next few weeks.