Community Gathers For the Groundbreaking of the Victoria Islamic Center

After four months since a fire blazed through the Victoria Islamic center members are beginning to rebuild.

“It’s been a process to understand what really happened because it was a shock to have this happen without any expectation,” says President of the Islamic Center Shahid Hashmi.

Saturday, the community gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the mosque’s reconstruction.

“It’s just a symbolic ceremony, we just announced officially that we’re ready to construct.”

Members say the day is also significant because it marks the beginning of Ramadan, an annual observance of month long prayer and fasting.

“It’s a symbolic gesture. It was a blessed day so what better day to start this project than to pick this blessed day to start it,” says Abe Ajrami.

Hashmi says they are grateful to live in a small community with a big heart.

“With the support of the community and the entire world, because they all came to help.. we are so grateful to God and we are so grateful to the people.”