Community Crossroads: Lee Andrew Cantu

Community Crossroads host Carolina Astrain interviews Lee Andrew Cantu, one of five candidates running for the District 3 seat on Victoria City Council

VICTORIA, Texas – Community Crossroads host Carolina Astrain interviews Lee Andrew Cantu, one of five candidates running for the District 3 seat on Victoria City Council.

The following is a transcript from the show:

Carolina Astrain: Welcome back to this week’s episode, we meet candidates for the District 3 seat on the Victoria City Council. And a reminder Tuesday is the last day for early voting. There are extended hours from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday. So if you have plans to be out of town for the 4th of July holiday weekend, be sure to cast your vote before 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, and we’ll have full coverage of election day on July 3rd, I’ll be at the anchor desk and now we go to our third candidate running for Victoria City Council District 3, Lee Andrew Cantu, welcome to the show.

Lee Andrew Cantu: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Astrain: And Mr. Cantu, can you talk to us about what is the one topic that you would want to see through during your first term on city council?

Cantu: Well, that’s a good question. The one topic that is actually a concern of the residents. It’s not something that’s a passion of mine, which I w it is. We’re going to become a passion of mine. But hearing from the residents is the maintenance of the streets. And I know we can talk business economics and all that. That’s, that’s all well, and it’s we need it. But the concern with the citizens in the streets and how we maintain our streets is a big concern.

Astrain: And they voiced that in this in Wednesday’s viewer poll.

Cantu: Actually. Absolutely. You know, I’ve been out in the street talking to folks and that, that seems to be the biggest, biggest concern.

Astrain: Every time I get a notification about Crestwood, I feel like, ‘When will it end?’

Cantu: No, absolutely. So I’m hoping to get on the Victoria city council and be able to look at the maintenance program and see if there are opportunities with my background, you know, being in construction and maintenance. Maybe there’s an opportunity that we’re missing something and we can, look at timelines, how we, how we prioritize streets, and stuff like that.

Astrain: Well, excellent. And what about the city parks? What would your vision be for all city parks once the duck pond is completed?

Cantu: Well, I know this is a vision of mine, but this is a vision that I had when I was growing up. I don’t know if you remember the parks back then, but we actually used to have a big concession stand or type where you could go and there was, you could buy food, you know, stuff, you had picnic tables and stuff like that, but there was also a train, a train station that you could actually ride on the train. So if you talk about, you know, um, putting money into the park, you want to get returned, have a return, not just towards it’s free for everything, but sometimes we got to utilize things like that, but, um, it would be nice to be able to go back in time and be able to bring stuff back into the park that is family orientated. I know we have trails and stuff like that for folks that are athletics, uh, and the duck pond is good for family, but something put something in the park that will draw revenue.

Astrain: Definitely. I mean, we have so many great things in the park, like the zoo and the zoo is actually really impacted by Hurricane Harvey. So speaking of emergencies, what do you think the city should have involved in their emergency preparedness plan when it comes to severe weather?

Cantu: Well, with my past experience, being on the LEPC committee, and being a fireman in EMS as a volunteer, the City of Victoria has a great emergency plan. So the way they execute the plans, the pre, and the post, they’re following their, their procedures that they have and being that I’ve worked for the city and part of the EOC, it, they are doing an excellent job of that. There are always opportunities, but that’s why they have a wrap-up at the end of the session to figure out the critique, the emergency, uh, response and how they did and how well, or what are the opportunities. But I think the city is doing a great job, but I would like to be able to sit on the council and see if there are opportunities.

Astrain: And speaking of emergencies were still in the midst of a pandemic. What did you think about the city and county’s collaboration together this past year, uh, throughout this, you know, pandemic?

Cantu: Well, everybody has an opinion, but my opinion on this is I think Rawley McCoy and Ben Zeller did an excellent job. As I said, when I worked for the city, we had a pandemic plan. So it’s not something that hit us. Then we were, um, didn’t know what we were doing. We, we do have, the city does have a pandemic plan in place. And to when something happens like this, we’re not blindsided, but yes, this blindsided the whole us, I think, yes, our accounts were high in, in Victoria, but I think Raleigh McCoy and Ben Zeller, did an excellent job communicating information to us. I know some people, like I said, have different opinions of how they want the information communicated, but I think they did an excellent job of communicating the information.

Astrain: And what’s it been like on the campaign trail? Is this your first run for office?

Cantu: Yeah. So, uh, yeah, I’ll be honest with you. It’s a lot more work than I expect than I thought. Uh, but it’s, uh, it’s over somewhat overwhelming, but, um, but again, uh, it’s something that I possibly expected that it was going to be, but there’s more, but, uh, I’m looking forward to the outcome.

Astrain: Well, excellent. I wish you the best of luck and your candidacy, and I can’t wait to, see what the future holds in store for you.

Cantu: Thank you so much for having me on the show.

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