Community Crossroads hosts Active Shooting Seminar

This week on Community Crossroads Officer John Turner with the Victoria Police Department will go over the Active Shooting Seminar, “Civilian Response To Active Shooter Events,” compiled by Texas State University. It’s a program available to the public.

Officer Turner will discuss the Three Stages of Disaster Response and the importance of practicing a script and drill ahead of time and when you are at a public venue.

He’ll talk about how a mass shooter often has no profile, an avenger mindset and often broadcasts his/her plan.

The seminar reviews the importance of leaving ASAP, knowing your exits and calling 911 once you are safe. You’ll learn to consider secondary exits to save your life. The seminar goes over denying the shooter by locking doors, turning lights out and staying out of sight.

Learn how to barricade a door with big items and even a doorstop. If the door opens outward learn how to use a rope and tactical cinch to secure the door.

In an altercation with an active shooter find out how to position yourself to grab the gun and fight.

Learn what to do when police arrive. You must follow commands, show your palms and do not move until given directions.

Click here to learn more. You can also call Crime Prevention at the Victoria Police Department 361-485-3808.

Finally, you’ll learn about helping someone who is injured and bleeding out. Here’s more from the Golden Crescent Regional Advisory Council:

The Golden Crescent Regional Advisory Council (GCRAC) proudly supports the national Stop the Bleed campaign.

GCRAC is designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to develop, implement and maintain the regional trauma and emergency healthcare system for the 6 counties in Trauma Service Area – S (TSA-S). TSA-S encompasses over 5,500 square miles in south Texas. GCRAC is one of twenty-two regional advisory councils in Texas that comprise the Texas Trauma / Emergency Healthcare system.

Click here to learn more about Stop the Bleed Program.

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