Community Crossroads: Emett Alvarez

Community Crossroads host Carolina Astrain interviews Emett Alvarez, one of the three candidates for mayor of the City of Victoria.

VICTORIA, Texas – As part of Community Crossroads, host Carolina Astrain interviewed all three candidates for mayor of the City of Victoria.

Here is the transcript:

Carolina: All right. Welcome back. We just heard from two candidates running for the city’s highest office mayor of Victoria, David Crook and Jeff Bauknight. And now we go on to meet the third candidate who filed a familiar face to many and the publisher of a bilingual newspaper in Victoria, former city councilman Emett Alvarez. And before we hear from him, we want to remind you that early voting has started and that will end on the Tuesday before the big day. So be sure you get out and vote for you. Forget. And now, Emett, talk to us about what motivated you to run for mayor?

Emett Alvarez: Well, I had been thinking about running for Mary even since the last election and after visiting with some of those candidates, uh, in a crowded field at that time, I, uh, agreed with our former mayor, uh, and his vision and what he wanted to do as mayor and thought he had a very good chance of winning that election and, and decided to take a back seat and support him. And,  I did tell him, I said, well, it’s inevitable. There’s going to be a runoff Mr. McCoy, and he looked at me and said, ‘No, we’re going to win without a runoff.’ I said, ‘Oh.’ I liked that kind of enthusiasm and his vision for Victoria overall, his service to the community of a well-respected individual. I said, no, this is the man. And unfortunately, we had is the loss of him, in March when he passed away. And I thought, for sure, they would just allow the mayor pro temp to fill out the remainder of his term, which ended next year in May, right.

Carolina: Contrary to the city charter?

Alvarez: Right. So going back to the charter, they had to call a special election to fill the unexpired term. And, of course, I had been struggling myself last year and early this year with some illness. And at the point when he passed away, I’m like, well, I wonder what they’re going to do, but I’m sure the mayor pro temp will serve. And then the council came back and announced that they were going to call the special election. Fortunately, I started feeling better. And then at one point, I decided that I was feeling a lot better and the medication was working and visiting with some friends and in my family, uh, about maybe running this time, even though I filed, you know, at the last minute, because I gave it all the time, I needed to think about it. I said, you know, I’m going to file. We’re going to run. I think I’m prepared to be mayor. I’ve got the experience. The leadership, I’ve been on city council served on numerous boards in Victoria and elsewhere, in education.

Carolina: What issues are you most passionate about?

Emett Alvarez: My passion, you know, has always been to protect the taxpayer, the tax rate, our spending, to be very mindful of our spending and always take into account the burden that we put the taxpayer through our tax rate, and also very sensitive about our property appraisal values. That’s, that’s very important to, to what I take into account when, um, we’re doing a budget, whether it’s for the city or when I see other entities doing their budgets and their tax rates, because it’s the end of the day, it’s an overall burden at the bottom line for all the tax and entities on the taxpayers.

Carolina: So, working between governmental agencies to have the best outcome.

Emett Alvarez: Absolutely. You know, I’ve been, I’ve coined a phrase that it’s not about more government. It’s not about less government. It’s about better government and in particular that it meets or exceeds our expectations as citizens and taxpayers. So that’s kind of my mantra now that I’m focusing now that we can put into soundbite, you know, nowadays, but it’s something I think if we are true to it, we can make the taxpayers satisfied with what we do as a city or county or state and federal levels.

Carolina: Yeah. Well, thank you so much, Emett, and don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back with a candidate running for District 3 in city council.

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