Community Crossroads: Duane Crocker

Community Crossroads host Carolina Astrain interviews Duane Crocker, one of the five candidates for the City of Victoria City Council District 3 seat.

VICTORIA, Texas – As part of Community Crossroads, host Carolina Astrain interviewed Duane Crocker, one of the five candidates for the District 3 seat on the Victoria City Council.

Here is the transcript:

Carolina: Welcome back. We just heard from all three candidates for mayor, and now we’re moving on to the district three seat for city council. And the first candidate that we’ll meet is Duane Crocker. Duane, thank you so much for making it on the show.

Duane Crocker: Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it.

Carolina: So this is your first time running for political office. Talk to me about what motivated you and why district three city council?

Duane Crocker: Sure. You know, we had such synergies in such a momentum that I attribute to our former mayor, Mayor McCoy. We had some cohesiveness, I think, not only at the government level, but also within our community. With his unfortunate passing, we now have an opportunity, I think, with Mr. Bauknight, you know, running for mayor, there’s an opportunity to continue what Mayor McCoy started. And I see myself as somebody who has, has a background who has experience that can help in that process. And so that’s really kind of what spurred my run for city council and you know, I’m ready to get work, get to work working for the city and I’m excited about the opportunity.

Carolina: And talk to us about your background.

Duane Crocker: Sure. I’m an attorney here in Victoria. I grew up in Victoria, a native son, and then came back, after I received my law degree. And I practiced here in Victoria for about 26 years. I have a commercial corporate type practice do a lot of contract work, representing mid to big businesses or small to mid-sized businesses and then also governmental entities. I have several that I represent. And so, you know, through those experiences, as well as service on some community boards, you know, civic type boards, I think I’ve developed a skill set, knowledge and background that kind of uniquely situates me in this race. I understand government, I understand, uh, how government entities operate. You know, I have experience in strategic planning and budgeting in, uh, infrastructure development, public financing and, and open government. I mean, these are things that, that, that I deal with for my clients and have for, you know, 16, 17 years now.

Carolina: With your experience and network, what issues, would you want to advocate the most for as a city councilman?

Duane Crocker: You know, when I look at that from a priority standpoint, number one is always with me is always going to be police and fire. You know, these folks, they give, they give the, they give us their best every day. And I think we owe it to them to, to provide them with the resources, the personnel, the support that they need and pay them a competitive wage to keep us safe. So that’s always going to be number one. And then after that, you know, it’s, it’s utilities and roads just because it impacts our life every day from when you wake up in the morning and, you know, brush your teeth and turn on the water, you get out on the road to where you come back home that evening and switch off the light. I mean, those are things that are in our lives every single day. And so those are always priorities, uh, in terms of governmental function, local governmental function, beyond that, you know, I think economic development is that that the city needs to do more internally, to try to spur growth. Let’s build tax base was let’s see, to bring jobs in or create jobs or help private industry, that we have already located in Victoria and create jobs. So those are things, those are really kind of the four things that I’m focused on. In each one of those, the overriding priority, if you will, is responsible, common sense use of taxpayer money because no one in government can ever forget that the money that’s there that use the funds that are used belong to the taxpayer. And if we use them responsibly, we can do more with.

Carolina: Excellent. Definitely our firefighters, our police officers, they’re our public investment, right? So, we’ve got to take care of those interests. Well, thanks so much for joining us on the show and best of luck in your candidacy.

Duane Crocker: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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