Community Crossroads: David Crook

Community Crossroads host Carolina Astrain interviews David Crook, one of the three candidates for mayor of the City of Victoria.

VICTORIA, Texas – As part of Community Crossroads, host Carolina Astrain interviewed all three candidates for mayor of the City of Victoria.

Here is the transcript:

Carolina: Hello, and thank you for joining us for Community Crossroads. I’m your host, Carolina Astrain. Here’s a look at what’s coming up on today’s show. We spent some time getting to know candidates for mayor of the City of Victoria. We’ll start with David Crook, who was the first to file for the race for mayor. Then we’ll go to city councilman for District 3, Jeff Bauknight, who decided to run for mayor after serving for several years on council. We’ll then hear from Emett Alvarez who served on city council for several years. And we’ll also get to hear from Duane Crocker, a lawyer and you comer to local politics who is running for the District 3 on the City of Victoria City Council. We’ll also remind you all about the early voting deadline and Election Day, which falls on July 3rd, a Saturday on a holiday weekend. And for those of you that don’t know the vacancy for mayor occurred after the sudden passing of former mayor Rawley McCoy, who served for several years and provided a strong sense of leadership and unity before and during the pandemic mayor McCoy was also an architect and a loving husband to his wife, Kay, and father to their children making rest in peace. This is the first episode of Community Crossroads, we’ve been able to tape since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and thanks to an increase in vaccinations, we’ve been able to return to inviting guests in studio. So we’re really excited to bring you this week show. First we speak with David Crook. David, thank you for joining us. And let’s go ahead and start, talk to me about why you decided to file for election.

David Crook: Well, I decided to file because, I still have that. I think by now most people know I was in the military and I still have that drive. I want to continue to help my community in the best way I can in anyway I can. I try to work with the Victoria Bad News Chairs locally, and I just want to continue to help as much as I can.

Carolina: And talk to me about your professional background and experience your life experience and how you think that will inform your role as mayor of Victoria.

David Crook: I was in the military for eight years. I worked in, I was a human resources specialist. I was a Sergeant worked at the fourth ESE in San Antonio at the we’re a division level. So we covered five states. So I’m used to, we’re also a one-star command. So we had a one-star general.

Carolina: Wow, so you’ve dealt with a lot of structure and structure.

David Crook: And then at our level it’s a lot more political as well because we’re not just a lower line unit, things like that. Our CG has a pretty broad influence. So when we do our paperwork and when we do things like that, we have to take that into account that it’s going to have a pretty broad influence.

Carolina: And what issues do you care about the most when it comes to city business here in Victoria?

David Crook: I think most of us are all gonna say we, we all want to work on the roads. I have that background working with TxDOT as an inspector of the, you know, some of the proper ways to go on about it. I just wanna try to help out and see what we can do to hopefully lower our taxes and, just continue to grow Victoria better. I want to see Victoria doing better. I want us to, see about incentivizing bringing back businesses and bringing back jobs, things of that nature.

Carolina: Improving accessibility in the community?

David Crook: Yeah. Well, accessibility. Yeah, we would have to, that would be a lot like right now we’re doing the Navarro, the sidewalks, which is going to help a lot of people.

Carolina: Hopefully we have access to state funding for that.

David Crook: As long as we, you know, I know the city’s working on, we have a grant writer that, Mr. Bauknight was talking about during their debate, that she’s already got us several grants, which I think is amazing. And I want to do whatever I can to help support her to. I think grants are one of the best things we can do and try to get, cause then we don’t have to worry about our taxpayers trying to foot the bill for it.

Carolina: Exactly. And what do you do for fun outside of work?

David Crook: I play sports, adaptive sports, like Monday I was out there with Victoria Bad News Chairs. We’ll play wheelchair basketball. I’ll play pretty much any, any sport I can adapt to

Carolina: I’ll have to check that out and thank you so much for coming on the show and I love getting to know you and best of luck in your candidacy for mayor. And I thank y’all for spending the time getting to know David here on Community Crossroads up next, we’ll hear from candidate Jeff Bauknight, who was the second to file for mayor.

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