Community Crossroads: Cuero hospital hosts fan drive for the elderly, free mammograms for underinsured women

Weatherly: "This is available to any woman in need that is either underinsured does not have insurance, or perhaps she has insurance, but the deductible is so high that she's putting off having these necessary screenings."

CUERO, Texas – A Cuero hospital is hosting a fan drive for the elderly, as well as free mammograms for underinsured women. Emily Weatherly with Cuero Regional Hospital joins us on Community Crossroads to share more.

The following is a transcript:

Carolina Astrain: Welcome to the show, we are joined by Emily Weatherly of Cuero Regional Hospital. Welcome to the show.

Emily Weatherly: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Astrain: Thanks for making the trip all the way from Cuero.

Weatherly: Absolutely.

Astrain: What do you have for us today?

Weatherly: Well, the things to share with you today, No. 1, this will explain the prop I have here. Yes, we are doing a fan drive and all of the fans that we gather through July the 12th are going to be donated to the Camal House, which is our food pantry located in Cuero. And so we’re trying to partner with them, work with them, to get them fans quickly. We’ve already gathered about 30 fans and distributed those already to Camal House. So as we receive them, we’re making sure that they go right back to Camal House and get to the residence quickly. As the summer, temperatures continued to rise. It’s very uncomfortable. And for those that struggle with air conditioning and might not even have air conditioning, we want to make sure that we provide them with the necessary.

Astrain: Well, that is so great to hear. And is this something that y’all do on an annual basis or is it a new initiative?

Weatherly: Right, so this is something that we did back in 2019, we partnered with several local entities in Cuero and the surrounding areas to gather fans. And of course, once COVID hit, that was not an opportunity for us that we could pursue. But this year, of course, we saw the need and wanted to make sure that we stepped up and took care of our area residents, our neighbors.

Astrain: Who is the focus population here? The area in need?

Weatherly: The area in need is going to be DeWitt County residents that are struggling. Those are either elderly that are on a limited income. Those that are out of work, of course, many lost their jobs during COVID. And so the Camal House in town, they serve as I want to say between 300 and 400 different residents of the area. So they provide food to them, but we also want to take care of their other basic needs, which is staying cool and comfortable this summer.

Astrain: Which is essential for Texas in the summer.

Weatherly: Absolutely for Texas. So we have partnered with Trust Texas Bank, they are one of our drop-off locations in Cuero. We’ve also partnered with a local church, which is in Meyersville. It’s St. Peter and Paul in Meyersville where you can also drop off fans.

Astrain: Wow. It is great to see these partnerships between community organizations. And I know you have one other item to talk to us about today.

Weatherly: Right? Absolutely I do. So we do hope you’ll donate your fans, that’s going on through July 12th. And the next thing I wanted to discuss with you is our well-woman cancer screening. It’s a free clinic that we are doing in the middle of July on the 14th and the 15th. This is available to any woman in need that is either underinsured does not have insurance, or perhaps she has insurance, but the deductible is so high that she’s putting off having these necessary screenings. So that includes mammography, cervical cancer screening, all of the necessary screenings. This is a wonderful grant that we have partnered with Texas A&M on they’ve done these around the state of Texas. Unfortunately, thousands of women have had either cervical cancer, breast cancer, and early detection is so critical when it comes to cancer. So we are delighted that we can provide these free screenings. We just have a few appointments still available, which you can make by calling the hospital at 361-275-0170. And should you not make this particular segment of appointments that are available, we are going to offer this again in January.

Astrain: Wow. What a great opportunity, especially for many women who probably skipped that OBGYN visit last year.

Weatherly: Because of COVID so many didn’t have their necessary mammogram and did not have their well-woman visit with their gynecologist or their family practice doctors. So we encourage you to make those necessary appointments. Insurance typically does cover a lot of those nurses. There are deductibles.

Astrain: And you don’t have to live in DeWitt County?

Weatherly: You do not. You do not. Um, it, of course, these are gonna take place at Cuero Regional Hospital in our outpatient specialty clinic. So we do encourage you to call, make that appointment again. If we cannot work you in, we will see that we get you on a waiting list for January.

Astrain: Well, great. Thank you so much Emily for joining us and coming up on Community Crossroads, and we’ll hear from Quintin Shepherd.