Community Crossroads: Aaron Franco

VICTORIA, Texas – Community Crossroads host Carolina Astrain shares some information about Aaron Franco, one of the five candidates for the Victoria City Council District 3 seat.

The following is a transcript from the show:

Carolina Astrain: Hello, and thank you for joining us for this week’s episode of Community Crossroads I’m Carolina Astrain. Here’s a look at what’s coming up on this week’s show. We’ll hear from candidates running for the District 3 seat on the Victoria City Council. We’ll get to know Aaron Franco, Joe Geistman, Lee Andrew Cantu, and Chad Austin Hall.

Election day is July 3rd, the Saturday of the July 4th holiday weekend. So be sure to get out and vote early before early voting ends on Tuesday.

And first, we’ll get to know Aaron Franco. Aaron was unable to make it to today’s show. So I’ll spend some time sharing information about him. He ran for the Victoria City Council District 3 seat earlier this year and was defeated by Jeff Bauknight, who is now running for mayor in previous interviews. Franco has shared that he is running on a platform aimed at improving the community spreading love and providing a voice for those that don’t have one, Franco is a financial manager at Frost Bank, and some of his hobbies include gardening and reading. He wants the community to know he is running to serve everyone in Victoria.

And in an earlier interview, he gave a statement saying, “I ran this campaign because I want to represent the people of District 3. And they deserve to have someone who genuinely wants to be here for them, support them and be their voice. We’re going to be around. We want to see the city succeed, and I want to be part of that for you. I want your voices to be heard. I’ve said that the entire time, you know, I want to build that connection between our community and our local government so that we can hear each other out and see what’s working and what doesn’t work, then really figure out what you want in your city.”

So it sounds like his focus is communication.

And coming up, we’ll speak with Joe Geistman another candidate for District 3 part of the Victoria City Council race. Don’t go anywhere.

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