Community Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. With Parade

The weather didn’t get in the way of Victoria’s Martin Luther King Day march Monday morning. The community honors the late great hero and his legacy.

The annual Martin Luther King Day parade was hosted by the Old Landmark Committee.
The march recognized the achievements of King, and taught a new generation about his message.
The march began on Main Street, and ended at the Webster Chapel United Methodist Church.
During the church service, speakers from around the crossroads expressed their respect and love to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Attendees at the service also discussed how they’re working to reach King’s goal to build a better world.

“We must still stand for the rights and the things that we need to do to make it in this world. So we have to work together in love,” says resident Alfred Williams.

Although it’s been nearly fifty years since Dr. King’s assassination, marchers who attended today’s event say the dream he once dared to dream continues to live on.