Community Celebrates Father’s Day in the Crossroads

Where often times some fathers may feel forgotten while in assisted living, employees at Vitality Senior Living made sure every father was celebrated in honor of Father’s Day.

It was a day full of food, fun, and love for dad’s at Vitality Senior Living.

“The father is one of the main figures of the family,” says Ted Myrick.

Son’s and daughter’s came from all over to honor their father’s on their special day.

“They have a huge role in our lives. They’re our leaders,” says Sharon Stallings.
“I just respect fathers. I had a great father he was so kind and so loving,” says Linda Kucera.

Culinary director Tamera Steele says often times many seniors feel forgotten on holidays, so she wants to make sure that every father is celebrated.

“I feel that just because they’re in assisted living, sometimes people think they’re forgotten and they’re not. So we just wanted to celebrate all of our fathers.”