Commissioners Hopeful For “Modernized” County in 2020

The year is coming to an end and county commissioners are already planning for major projects in 2020.
“I think this is a needed step, and one that will really improve how we do business” says County Judge Ben Zeller.

Commissioners are gearing up for the beginning of 2020, all with a new plan to revamp and modernized how Victoria does business.

“This purchasing policy committee will be one part of multiple priorities and initiatives in 2020” adds Zeller.

A new proposal for a committee to oversee each expense and purchase for the county, all the while making that very information more accessible to the public.

“Transparency, is a big part of it, I know that’s easy for people to talk about. But rather than talk about it this is concrete action.” says Zeller.

One of the top priorities for the new year will include, updated software for the county to make information like meeting agendas and minutes more easily available.

“A lot of things I think the county is a little bit behind the times on, 2020 will be the year where we step into a more modern era.” adds Zeller.

All suggestions will be presented before the end of the year in hopes of launching projects in January 2020.