Commissioners discuss oversized political sign ban on county property

County commissioners plan to vote on the order at next weeks' meeting.

VICTORIA, Texas – At this week’s meeting, Victoria County commissioners discussed an order to ban oversized political signs on county property.

Signs are larger than 576 square inches on or over vehicles or trailers left on county property would be not permitted under the proposed order. 

“A lot of folks think anything goes when it comes to campaign signs on county property that’s not true,” said Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller. “There are steps that we can take and county commissioners are taking those steps now that the election is over.”

The proposed order would make way for another early voting location in Precinct 2.

“We need a polling place, an early voting place on that side of town and we looked and the closest place would be Faith Family but that does not cover Precinct 2 even though Faith Family is in Precinct 2 we need it on that side of town,” said Kevin Janak, Victoria County Commissioner for Precinct 2.

The Citizens HealthPlex was hesitant about becoming an early voting polling location this year because of how burdensome political signage can be on the landscaping and sprinkler systems.

“On county-owned property, campaign signs will be confined to the small yard signs only preventing these big massive signs that block people’s view, block traffic,” Zeller said. “Our goal is to balance people’s desire and right to advocate for their candidate with the reasonable steps that need to be taken to prevent it from becoming a free for all as we’ve seen in recent years.”

County commissioners plan to vote on the order at next weeks’ meeting.