Commissioners approve the new Insurance Forensic Review Committee

The Victoria County Commissioners approved creating an Insurance Forensic Review Committee.

Once Hurricane Harvey came and caused a lot of damage to the Crossroads, Victoria County Commissioners bypassed the bidding process and went with a contractor recommended by their insurance.

They went with the contractor and got work done. It raised a lot of questions from the community and airport commissioners.

Commissioner Kevin Janak and a small committee has been working on looking at all the numbers since February.

“We are matching up those numbers to the work that was performed and that’s what we are doing. It’s called checks and balances and I gave the same scenario three weeks ago about the blue sticky notes. What would you do at your home, you would do the same thing and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now,” tells Kevin Janak, Precinct 2 Commissioner.

Commissioners disagreed on whether the county violated bidding laws.

“I had to remind folks on commissioners court that it’s not wise to make unfounded accusations. We need to make sure that we have our data piled and our ducks in a row before any recommendations,” adds Ben Zeller, County Judge.

“I think daddy always told me cooler heads will always prevail and I think that we need to take a step back and look at it. Let’s take a good look at it,” explains Janak.

Janak mentioned he and the committee are about 70 percent done and commissioners voted to appoint people to the Insurance Forensic Review Committee, once Janak and his small committee finish their review.
“So what the court opted to do, today is finish gathering all the numbers that we need and then at that point from a committee that will review those things and make recommendations to commissioners court,” Ben Zeller says.

This committee will consist of multiple people from the community and the commissioners court.
“It will be a well-balanced committee representing commissioners court, folks out on the airport board, as well as folks from the community with expertise that we would find valuable.,” declares Zeller.

Commissioner Danny Garcia adds “we lost the public’s trust, and we need to get that back.”