Commissioners approve capital improvement projects in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Victoria County Commissioners approved capital improvement projects surrounding Hurricane Harvey.

“What we did today was, we’re eligible to receive $787,000 of unspent insurance funds on certain buildings,” tells Kevin Janak, Precinct 2 Commissioner.

To receive this money, the county will have to submit their capital projects to the Texas Association of Counties.

“We recognized these capital projects that we submitted to TAC. A letter will be sent to them for approval to do these contracts, adds Janak. “The total value of the projects that we are going to submit to TAC is roughly $1.2 or $1.3 million that we are going to submit to and try to recover and secure the $787,000 dollars.”

You might be wondering how Victoria County qualifies for these funds.

“If the amount you spend on the total amount of destruction and the amount the county has paid reaches to a certain value that makes you eligible to receive the total value of the building,” explains Janak. “That is what we are recouping today since we exceeded that amount now we are able to spend these extra funds, they are really not extra funds, they’re funds unspent on capital projects.”

This possible funding will go towards major projects in Victoria County.

“If TAC approves the capital projects that we submitted then it will go towards those capital projects like the health department parking lot, the demo at the airport. That’s where the money will be spent,” tells Janak.