College students to receive relief grants through CARES Act

VICTORIA, Texas- The CARES Act has prioritized efforts in education across the country. Nearly $14 billion are headed towards education.

Locally, Victoria schools will see a nearly $4 million grant.

Victoria College and University of Houston- Victoria will see some relief from the grant.

Although college students have been off campus since early March, and continue their semester classes online now, the CARES Act rolled out by the Trump administration has awarded the following;

Victoria College received a total aid of $1,680, 905. Fifty percent, a total of $840,453, must go to students. 

The University of Houston-Victoria received $2,233,006, with $1,116,503 going towards student aid.

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“So many Texans are suffering because of the coronavirus virus, whether it’s their health, job loss, or drastically different routine. No Texan should have to give up their education, because of the economic effects of the coronavirus,” says U.S. Senator John Cornyn who voted earlier this month for funds to be distributed to Texas schools.

Many college students are not qualifiers of a stimulus check if considered a dependent. These added funds could be the difference for a student to cover course tuition.

“It provides targeted funding to Texas institutions to help students continue their education, even if that means taking classes online,” added Cornyn. 

Each institution will decide how to award assistance to students. The emergency aid grants must help cover expenses related to the disruption of campus operations.

We have reached out to the campuses to see how they will distribute funds, however at this time we have not received a response.

Check back for details.