Cold weather has low impact on some pets

Drivers must watch for bridges

VICTORIA, Texas – Lately the Crossroads has experienced chilly winds and colder temperatures, but many people still have to start their day. Resulting with drivers watching for slick spots on the roadways, for some black ice can be an issue when temperatures drop below freezing.

Owner says his dog is used to the cold

Bruce Thrasher, a semi-truck driver, stopped in Victoria to let his dog play for a while and he says the pet is used to a cold winter.

“The dog. Well, he’s used to cold weather because he’s from Indiana. It’s not phased him at all, I mean this isn’t bad at all. We’re used to zero degree weather,” said Thrasher.

Drivers must watch for bridges

The semi-truck driver says he did not encounter any major delays on the roadways. Yet, he suggests for other driver to use caution especially across bridges, as they can freeze before roadways do.