Coffee with the District 3 candidates for Victoria City Council

Meet Duane Crocker and Chad Austin Hall Friday

VICTORIA, Texas- Coffee with the District 3 Victoria City Council candidates is Friday, August 13, 2021 at Vela Farms downtown. You can meet Duane Crocker and Chad Austin Hall starting at 9 a.m.

OPINION: The following was provided by Woodrow Wilson Wagner, Chair of the Victoria County Democratic Party:

“Being a Democrat is not just about voting for the blue team on Election Day. We have to ENGAGE in the political process the other 364 days as well!”

Indeed, there are so many ways to ENGAGE! Last Thursday, I was proud to join a number of fellow citizens (Democrats and Republicans) at the VISD School Board meeting, where many of us voiced our concerns about the need to present multiple options on the ballot during the next bond election. Some bond task force members tried to invalidate the empirical, systematic, and transparent feedback from the community which was overwhelming in favor of including four separate propositions on the ballot. Claims of “confusion” and “misunderstanding” seemed manufactured in the absence of evidence and insulted the intelligence of the dedicated community members who came to the public forums. Yet, the School Board listened to the people and by the end of the meeting, the trustees agreed to recommend that all four propositions would indeed be on the ballot.

So, this is a tangible example of how Democrats are actually doing something to bring what we “really care about” to fruition. This is the real work that must be done to make Victoria Country a better place to live in. I could sit at my keyboard all day long and post insulting memes and trite cliches about how Republicans are bad or evil or whatever, yet how does that help the kids at Stroman and Mission Valley get a decent education? How does that help the teachers and staff at VISD have better working conditions? How does that help the parents and families of our VISD students?

I call on all Democrats to take an active role in our local government activities. ENGAGE with other local leaders like the City Council candidates. Are you aware of how the decisions made by the City Council effect our lives more so than acts of the state and federal government? Are you aware of what the City Council is currently concerned with? Are you aware that there’s a special election coming up later this month to determine who will be joining the City Council? Are you aware that Democrats and Republicans both drink coffee?

Well, the Victoria County Democratic Party is proud to present “Coffee with the Candidates” on Friday, August 13 at 9:00 am at Vela Farms. This is your opportunity to meet City Council candidates Chad Austin Hall and Duane Crocker and ask them about the issues that you care about. And if you want to drink even more free coffee and meet other local leaders, please join Judge Ben Zeller as he hosts US Congressman Mike Cloud for “Coffee with the Judge” on the same day at 7:30 am at Liberty Coffee Haus.

At some point, we have to show up. At some point, we have to get involved. At some point, we have to let Victoria County know that Democrats are actively ENGAGED in making this community a better place; not just with our likes and memes on social media, yet with our real life actions. So say we all!”

By Woodrow Wilson Wagner


Woodrow Wilson Wagner