Clothing drive hopes to help the Crossroads

As the giving season approaches and weather becomes colder, a 19 year old woman decided that she wanted to make a difference in her community and collect clothes for those in need. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez has the warming story.

Amy Venecia, began her own “moving” clothing drive. From the truck of her car, she collects clothes and then hands it out. This all began with once simple idea…

“I’m going to go through my clothes and see if I can give something, and when I was going through my clothes at home, I was just like.. ‘I bet there’s a lot of other people that just have a bunch of other stuff just sitting around.”

For the past month, every Sunday, she takes to social media where she’ll be to collect clothes. She packs it up, washes it, and is on a mission to get it into the right hands.

“[I] just pretty much just drive around looking for anybody who’s out there in the cold, walking around not wearing a jacket” she adds.

Amy recalls a recent encounter with people she’s been able to help.

“[I said] if you’re cold, I have some stuff in my car that can keep you warm.. And I gave them… two jackets, pair of sweatpants, and the man was wearing sandals so I gave away a pair of shoes that someone donated.”

As a young mother, she hopes to show her own child that giving and being a nice person should always be easier.

“It’s not that much work to be nice to somebody. To give back to someone that you can. If you got the opportunity to do better, do better.”