Close race for Victoria County Sheriff

VICTORIA, Texas- Victoria County Sheriff race with four candidates wrapped up with a close count between Dale Fowler (44%) and Justin Marr (43%). Both candidates with decades of law enforcement experience. All results are unofficial as of 11 p.m. Tuesday. The seat stayed vacant after former Sheriff T. Michael O’Connor was appointed as U.S. Marshal by President Trump. The county decided to leave the seat vacant as election results were anticipated with a clear winner.

“Ive been overwhelmed by the support i’ve received this whole time during this campaign,i’m still overwhelmed. There’s lots of great people out there, we’re just gonna keep pushing hard if we end up in a run-off, you know nothing worth while is ever easy, so we’re gonna keep pushing,” said Justin Marr, Sheriff candidate.

Run off elections will be determined in May. This elected position is a four-year term with no term limits.